My experiences in foreign countries have given mea taste for                                         the unknown and for discovering new countries,  cultures and                                     languages from an early age. At university, I had the chance                                       to discover Japanese culture and learn the language.                                     Realizing my attraction to this language and its culture,                                                   I set out to explore this new cultural universe further.                                                     It was during my journeys on the Japanese islands,                                           through my discussions and exchanges with                                                                     the locals, that I was able to immerse myself                                                                       in this "parallel world" to my Western                                                                     European one. This is where my interest                                                                                 in the interactions between Eastern                                                                                       and Western cultures was born.


These areas of influence, communication and the interweaving of ideas, knowledge and techniques between different countries and cultures have been a source of much reflection and questioning for me. I'd like to share and reflect with you on these issues, to better understand, learn and share the views and opinions of those interested in this subject.

Far from being an expert, but simply curious about others, I invite you to dive with me into these multi-faceted and multi-faceted fields open to our exploration. Let's dare to adventure together.